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Fun Facts about Parties:

– One of the most famous parties ever happened two days before the founding fathers of the U.S.A. signed the Constitution.
– Toasting is a classic party tradition.
– In Germany, if you clink glasses without making eye contact, then both drinkers get seven years of bad luck!
– In Japan, the more senior of two drinkers will always touch glasses above the rim of the other’s glass as a display of rank.
– The Guinness World Record for the longest dance party is 55 hrs, in Wexford, Ireland in 2006.
– The tradition of bachelor parties can be traced back to ancient Sparta.
– The largest tea party ever was held in Indore, in India, and had 32,681 tea-drinking attendees.
– Oscar Wilde was one of the most prolific party goers of the 1800’s, and was famous for his excellent conversation skills.
– The toga party is a staple university student tradition made famous by the 1978 movie ‘Animal House’.
– World Party Day was inspired by the 1995 novel, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, by Vanna Bonta
– The word ‘party’ meaning a part or division, or one side in a dispute dates back to about 1300.
– ‘Party’ was first used for a social event, with food, drink and fun, in the early 18th century.
– The earliest known use of the phrase “dinner party” was in Jane Austin’s novel Emma in 1816.
– According to a recent survey, 40 per cent of guests at a party are liable to snoop in the host’s medicine cabinet.
– The oldest known party invitation was sent by the Roman Claudia Severa for her birthday party in Northumberland around AD100.
– The oldest known use of the phrase “birthday party” was in 1852.
– The record for most party poppers popped in a minute is 78, by Andre Ortolf of Germany in 2016.
– Hear no evil, speak no evil and you’ll never get invited to a party. – Oscar Wilde
– In Jamaica, birthdays are celebrated by having your whole body covered in copious amounts of flour by friends, family and random observers.
– In Switzerland, an evil looking clown stalks and torments the birthday boy or girl, before finishing with a pie to the face for good luck.
– If you are in Venezuela, you can expect to see people celebrating their birthday and then get their face plunged into the cake.
– In the USA, parents bake extra cakes for their children to destroy, smash and throw on their special day.
– In Ireland, a ritual is to hold the birthday person upside down and proceed to bump his or her head on the floor.
– In some regions of Germany, a single men turning 30 are required to go and sweep the front steps of the Town Hall or church.
– A famous Mexican birthday tradition consists of hanging a Piñata and hitting it with a stick blindfolded.
– Every year tens of thousands of tourists gather in a Spanish town to throw over 100 t of tomatoes at each other.
– Hindus welcome the arrival of spring with a festival of color every year.
– An owner spent $20.000 on a her pets party, which makes it the most expensive pet party ever.
– The most expensive human party cost $27.2 million in 1996.
– The weirdest place a party was held was in a tire repair shop.