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Fun Facts about Ancient Cities:

– Chichen Itza is an archaeological site in Yucatan and one of the most visited locations in Mexico.
– Chichen Itza is classified as one of the New Seven Wonders of the – World and in 1988 was enlisted as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
– Located at Giza, the Pyramid of Khufu is the largest Pyramid in Egypt.
– The pyramid of Giza is among the seven wonders of both the ancient and the modern world.
– Contrary to what most people believe, the largest pyramid in the world is not found in Egypt. It’s actually found in Mexico.
– The famous pyramid of Giza has some passageways that have never been explored. 
– The three pyramids of Giza are guarded by a giant sphinx thought to be the representation of the son of Khufu, pharaoh Chephren (Khafre).
– Egypt’s lost city of Heracleion was discovered under the sea after 1200 years.
– One of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world, Stonehenge continues to fascinate and awe people all around the planet
– The biggest of Stonehenge’s stones, known as sarsens, are up to 9 meters (30 feet) tall and weigh 25 tons (22.6 metric tons) on average.
– Stonehenge is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and it is one of the Seven Wonders of the Medieval World.
– The Hadrian’s Wall is named after Roman Emperor Hadrian, who ordered its construction.
– It took around 15,000 men about six years to build the famous Hadrian’s Wall.
– The Hadrian’s Wall marked the northern frontier of the Roman Empire and it was 73 miles long.
– The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World believed to have been located in Babylon, Iraq.
– There are no records about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, only descriptions found in ancient Greek and Roman languages.
– Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the largest religious monument in the world.
– Angkor Wat in Cambodia translates to ‘City of Temples’ or simply ‘City Temple’. New temples and ruins are being discovered nearly every year.
– As early as the Qin Dynasty (221-207BC) when building the Great Wall, glutinous rice flour was used in making the binding material to bind the bricks.
– The Great Wall of China has been called the longest cemetery on Earth. Over a million people died building the Wall.
– With a total length of 21,196.18 km, equal to half the length of the Equator, the Great Wall of China is the longest feat of human engineering.