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Fun Facts about Attics:

– In 2014 a 400-year-old Caravaggio’s painting was discovered by accident in the roof of a house in Toulouse.
– The lost imperial Chinese vase was found in a French attic and sold in 2018 for staggering €16.2m.
– In 1991 the first half of the original text of ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ was discovered in a trunk in a Los Angeles attic.
– A 10-year old from Germany found a mummy in his grandmother’s attic which was a souvenir from a trip that his grandfather made to North Africa in the 1950s.
– Fun Facts: On September 8, 2012 a woman from North Carolina found her ex-boyfriend she had dumped 12 years ago in her attic spying on her!
– After demolishing a wall in his house, David Gonzalez from Minnesota discovered the original Action Comics #1 among newspapers used as insulation.
– In 2013, a previously unknown landscape painting by master painter Vincent Van Gogh was discovered in the attic of a Norwegian man.
– A few years ago, Josh Ferrin from Utah found in the attic of the house he had just bought 8 ammunition cases with $45,000 in each box.
– A man from Milwaukee found four fully functional grenades in his attic. He called the police and the grenades were detonated under supervision.
– A couple from South Lanarkshire found diamond jewelry in a chair they bought on an auction years before.
– In 2013 a couple from New York, cleaning the attic of their house, found a Fabergé figure, ordered in 1912 by the Russian tsar Nikolai II for his wife.
– The painting of the artist Norman Rockwell was discovered behind a false wall in the house of the cartoonist Don Tratchte Jr.
– A treasure of gold coins from the United States dating the 19th century was found when digging in a garden in London in 2009.
– A couple from Northern California discovered a pot of 1.427 gold coins buried in their garden, hidden since 19th century.
– A couple from New York found in their garage thousand-year-old Chinese antiquity that was later sold in an auction for 2.2 million dollars.
– In 2007, a German student discovered an oil painting dating from 17th century hidden in her sofa that she bought for $ 215 at a market in Berlin.
– Imagine finding a valuable mural by artist Keith Haring during the remodeling of your home. That happened to a guy in 2010?!
– A family was cleaning their grandmother’s house and found a huge safe. When they opened it, they found guns and robbed bank money.
– In February 2011, Karl Kissner found 700 rare baseball cards that belonged to his grandfather, Carl Hench, who died in the 1940s.
– The Hoxne Roman treasure was discovered in a field by an amateur with a metal detector.
– A man found an original copy of the Declaration of Independence in a frame he had paid 4 dollars in 1987.