Mysteries Hidden In Famous Paintings

. . . . The strangest criminal cases happened in many popular museums and art galleries around the world a week ago. The most famous paintings were stolen and then

Viking Treasure – Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Ready for an adventure with Vikings? Travel by the sea to the great Viking island full of treasure! Visit the abandoned Viking village and try to

Home Makeover – Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Hidden object games have never been this funny 😍! Enjoy the new level of fun – play search and find game and read hilarious conversations between

Fantasy Gnome Village – Trolls House Cleaning

. . . . Do you know a little amazing creatures? Really small and look like fairly human figure? Everyone imagine them differently, and have a different name for them:

The Fall of Troy – Ancient Greek Mythology

. . . . Trojan war and the age of empire, one of the greatest in history is over and only the ruins remained. Greek heroes are gone long ago

Candy World

. . . . Welcome to candy world – the land of lollypops, chocolate, hard candies, ice cream, and donuts. Enjoy the brain challenging adventure through the sweet empire, chocolate