After Party House Cleaning

. . . . 🎉 Lory Team presents you a NEW hidden object finding game! 🎉 It’s hidden objects party time! Or better said, after party cleaning time 😂. You

Snow Queen Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Enter the ice kingdom… pass through an enchanted forest and find all the magical hidden objects to stop the Snow Queen! Discover beautiful scenes of this

Legend Of The Lost Artifacts

. . . . Hurry up! Amelia Jones needs your help to find long forgotten hidden temple and the lost artifact that will uncover the secret legend about the first

Mysteries Hidden In Famous Paintings

. . . . The strangest criminal cases happened in many popular museums and art galleries around the world a week ago. The most famous paintings were stolen and then

Viking Treasure – Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Ready for an adventure with Vikings? Travel by the sea to the great Viking island full of treasure! Visit the abandoned Viking village and try to

Home Makeover – Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Hidden object games have never been this funny 😍! Enjoy the new level of fun – play search and find game and read hilarious conversations between

Fantasy Gnome Village – Trolls House Cleaning

. . . . Do you know a little amazing creatures? Really small and look like fairly human figure? Everyone imagine them differently, and have a different name for them:

The Fall of Troy – Ancient Greek Mythology

. . . . Trojan war and the age of empire, one of the greatest in history is over and only the ruins remained. Greek heroes are gone long ago

Candy World

. . . . Welcome to candy world – the land of lollypops, chocolate, hard candies, ice cream, and donuts. Enjoy the brain challenging adventure through the sweet empire, chocolate

Little Red Riding Hood

. . . . Save the Little Red Riding Hood! Find hidden objects and pick up the evidence that can lead you to the grandma’s house. Go through the dark