Legend of the Ancient City Hidden Objects Game

Check out if the Legend of the Ancient City is true! Play the best search and find game free download and be one of the most successful adventurers in the

Enchanted Forest Of The Fantasy World Hidden Objects Game

Feel the magic of nature! Start the magical forest quest and enjoy the best hidden objects adventure! Search and find missing items in the “Enchanted Forest Of The Fantasy World”

Funny Adventures Of The Three Little Pigs – Hidden Objects Game

Fight together with the three little pigs against the big bad wolf! Find hidden objects in pictures and help the pigs to build their houses. Play one of the best

Restaurant Cleaning Madness Hidden Objects Game

Welcome to the messiest restaurants in the world! Before you choose the main course and dessert, remove hidden items to make some space. Download Restaurant Hidden Objects Game – Cleaning

Fairy Tale: Gulliver’s Voyage to Lilliput Hidden Objects Game

Follow Gulliver to the land of Lilliput! Find hidden objects in pictures and help him put the pieces of his ship together and escape from there. Gulliver’s Voyage to Lilliput is the

Fairy Tale: Jack and the Beanstalk Hidden Objects Game

Follow Jack and be a part of the unforgettable adventure in the castle of a giant! Collect golden eggs and other valuable hidden items and make Jack a rich guy.