Legend of the Throne – Last Hero of Empire Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Welcome to the world of ice and fire, black magic, elves and monsters! Feel the taste of iron and enjoy the most thrilling adventure of your

Story of Alice – Lost in Wonderland

. . . . Read one of the most fabulous stories ever and find the objects hidden in Wonderland! Help Alicia, a granddaughter of famous Alice to overcome all the

Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Break the curse of the Pharaoh! Travel to Egypt and solve the mystery that bothers people for centuries. Download “Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt” – the

Spacecraft Exploration – UFO Attack Hidden Objects Game

. . . . There was an alien attack on the international space station. Nobody knows what actually happened – the astronauts are missing and there is a mess everywhere.

Wild West Exploration – Gold Rush Quest Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Enter your time machine and get back to the old west era when cowboys and Indians were fighting for the land! That was the time of

Secret Passages Of The Hidden City Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Search for the lost city and walk down the dark passages under the ground and find the hidden treasure. Start the secret quest – this is