Shopping Mall: Fashion Story Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Help Eva escape a shopping center and fashion stores – find all the hidden items and send her home! Play Shopping Mall Hidden Object Game –

Haunted Hotel Escape Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Enter the abandoned hotel full of ghosts and creepy rooms! Learn about the dreadful crime that happened ten years ago, and free the victims’ imprisoned souls.

Medieval Castle Escape Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Find enchanted castle in the mountains and search for the lost evidence from the Middle ages that hide dark secrets. But watch out! It is full

Pirate Ship: Treasure Island Hidden Objects game

....The hunt for the lost treasure can finally begin! Gather your pirate fellows and start the secret quest across the Caribbean sea. Download Pirate Ship Hidden Objects Treasure Island Escape

Mystery of Hidden Evidence – Hidden Objects Game

. . . . 🔎 Seek and find hidden objects to solve the mystery case of organized robberies and find the missing item – the famous pink diamond! Prepare for

Optical Illusions

. . . . The things are not always the way they appear! Check out fabulous optical illusions that can trick your eyes and mind. But don’t let these images

Jewel Quest: Treasure Hunt

...          Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Download Jewel Quest Hidden Object Game – Treasure Hunt mystery and play one of the best seek and

Magic House Of Wizard

. . . ✨ Something went wrong while making the magic potion! There was a great explosion, the wizard has disappeared and the objects in the house of magic started

Theater Mystery: Chaos in the Opera House

...          Inexplicable things happened last night at the national theater! The actors are desperate because the play should start soon and the mess is everywhere. This

Magic Adventure of Peter Pan

... Help Peter Pan find his shadow! Come with him, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on