Camelot: Legend of King Arthur Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Join the Knights of the round table and be a part of a magnificent castle you have never seen before! Download Camelot Hidden Object Game –

Jailbreak: Final Hours in Prison Hidden Object Games

 . . . . Escape from prison right now! You finally have a chance to leave the cell and set yourself free! Download Jailbreak: Final Hours in Prison –

Escape from Oz: Wizard Adventures Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Help Dorothy find the Wizard of Oz and go back home to Kansas! Pick up the hidden objects scattered everywhere by a great tornado and enjoy

Fairy Tale: Snow White Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Play one of the most beautiful fairy tale games Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and become instantly a part of the world full of magic and

Magic Land: World Of Wizards Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Let’s play with magic! A new student in the school of witchcraft and wizardry performs magic that sometimes goes out of control. Help him bring back

Shopping Mall: Fashion Story Hidden Objects Game

. . . . Help Eva escape a shopping center and fashion stores – find all the hidden items and send her home! Play Shopping Mall Hidden Object Game –