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Fun Facts:

– The Cinderella story dates back to the 1st century BC.
– The name Cinderella comes from the French word Cendrillon, which in English translates to “little ash girl.”
– It was Charles Perrault who first introduced the glass slipper and fairy godmother to the Cinderella story in 1697’s Cendrillon.
– Disney’s animated Cinderella was also its first live-action Cinderella, too.
– The entire production of Disney’s animated Cinderella took about two years to complete.
– The scene where Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother transforms her torn dress into a beautiful ballgown is said to be Walt Disney’s favorite piece of animation ever.
– There are estimated to be between 345 and 1500 Cinderella versions in circulation.
– The Disney version of Cinderella is based upon the 17th century tale Cendrillon written by Charles Perrault.
– Cinderella was given her name because she was always covered in cinders from the fireplace.
– Disney’s animated Cinderella, released in 1950, included several additional characters: Jaq and Gus (mice), Bruno (dog), Lucifer (cat), and the bluebirds.
– There are several silent film versions of Cinderella, including the 1914 version starring Mary Pickford.
– Several hundred films have been made about Cinderella’s tale. The first film version was Cendrillon, released in 1899 by Georges Melies.
– Disney released an animated Laugh-O-Gram (short cartoons) of Cinderella in 1922, which was 7.5 minutes in length.
– Walt Disney released the famous animated Cinderella in 1950.
– Dinsey’s Cinderella is considered to be a Disney Classic and is one of the most popular film adaptations of the tale.
– Cinderella has been portrayed in operas and ballet, theatre, literature, film, musicals, television, and in several songs.
– Cinderella stories always end happily.
– Cinderella is supposed to be 19.
– Before ‘Cinderella’ release, the Disney studio was $4 million in debt.