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Fun Facts about Hotels:

– JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is the world’s tallest hotel having 76 stories.
– Total number of rooms worldwide is expected to be around 15.5 million.
– City with the Highest Average room rate is Geneva, Switzerland.
– The Royal Penthouse suite of Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is told to be the most expensive hotel room in the world.
– The Ritz-Carlton Central Park and Mandarin Oriental share a tie for the priciest room in the US.
– The hotel industry in the US is bringing in a healthy revenue of over $162 billion this year.
– Koshu Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan is named as the oldest hotel in the world, it is over 1300 years old.
– Thermal baths that led to the origin of the spa were introduced by Greeks in around 40 BC.
– The global market is generating a revenue worth $830 billion approximately through the hospitality industry.
– ‘The World’ is one of the most interesting cruise ship. The travelers are permanent residents and the ship is on a voyage since 2002.
– Hospitality industry has more women working for them than men.
– ‘First World Hotel’ Malaysia is said to have around 7,351 rooms.
– Standing at 1,389 feet tall, the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago is 92 stories high.
– Jerome Grand Hotel is told to be the most haunted place in Arizona.
– The most haunted hotels in the world are Colorado’s Stanley Hotel, Crescent Hotel in Arcansas, Northern Ireland’s Ballygally Castle.