House Secrets Hidden Objects Game – Free Demo for PC


Fun Facts:

–   There is a ‘secret’ entrance to the Louvre that allows you to bypass the ridiculous line at the public entrance.
–    Winchester Mystery House is one of America’s most infamous homes.
–    The popularity of haunted houses can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt.
–    Nowadays, haunted houses are very common attractions, especially around Halloween.
–    One of the most well-known historic real life haunted houses in New England, the House of the Seven Gables was immortalized by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
–    One of the scariest houses in the United States is that of The Amityville House in New York.
–    It is claimed that Ghost of Abraham Lincoln never left the White House.
–    The White House did not have running water until 1833 when it was installed under the Presidency of Andrew Jackson.
–    Benjamin Harrison was the first President to use electricity in the White House. However, he never touched the light switches for fear of being electrocuted.
–    Clay tiles have been used by nearly every civilization as a roofing material for more than 10000 years.
–    In early American tradition, a red door meant “welcome.
–    Most homeowners tend to stay in their homes for about six years.
–    The people of Easter Island have a word, “tingo,” which means to slowly take all of your neighbor’s possessions by borrowing one at a time and never giving them back.
–    In America, as in Britain, row houses were a common feature of 19th-century industrial cities.
–    There are 300,000 items in the average American home.
–    3.1 percent of the world’s children live in America but they own 40 percent of the toys consumed globally.
–    In Scotland, homeowners paint their front doors red when they pay off their mortgage.
–    A Japanese company has developed a residential earthquake proofing system which raises a house off its foundations using just air pressure.