Let’s play with magic! A new student in the school of witchcraft and wizardry performs magic that sometimes goes out of control. Help him bring back everything in order and finally become a professional! Pick up the enchanted items and play Magic Land: World Of Wizards – Hidden Objects Game, the best search and find game free download. Bring fun into your life – get the best school of magic game and let it be your favorite game 2018!

Supported languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Русский, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Türkçe, Український

HOW TO PLAY Magic Land: World Of Wizards – Hidden Objects Game adventure?

Find hidden objects in the picture written on the cards. Click on the “light bulb” when you get stuck. Find hidden figures when you are given a picture or a silhouette and search for missing items hidden in anagrams. There is a special level as a time limit game, where the timer brings a dramatic moment to this search and find game. Play other mini games for brain that will show you how to make a strategy, like logic games, brain teasers, memory games with cards and hidden object puzzle games. All that in this fantastic Magic Land: World Of Wizards – Hidden Objects Game free download!

Visit the wizard’s enchanted house and clean up the mess!

Magic school is full of nasty witches and wizards who misuse spells and magic! Prepare for the wizard war! In this world of wizards you have to use all your skills, knowledge, logic, and concentration in order to win. Train your brain and find the hidden objects scattered everywhere, use the missing items later against your enemy! Download Magic Land: World Of Wizards – Hidden Objects Game free download and enjoy! This is one of the best relaxing games you can find on the market, so hurry up and enjoy this mystery hidden object cleaning game that hides many secrets inside.

Take your magic wand and find hidden objects in a second!

Feel the magic everywhere! Enjoy the enchanted scenes and the magnificent graphics of this fabulous Magic Land: World Of Wizards – Hidden Objects Game free. Don’t hesitate – fairyland is waiting for you to find hidden items in pictures. This seek and find game in the enchanted kingdom will help you have fun and challenge your object searching skills. Make everything possible with a fantastic hidden figures game free!

Fun Facts:

– The word ‘wizard’ comes from the Middle English ‘wysard’, meaning ‘a wise man’.
– The Wizard Of Oz (1939) is the only film with ‘wizard’ in its title ever to win an Oscar.
– The Wizard Nebula NGC7380 is a star-forming region 8,000 light years from Earth.
– A wizard, magician, sorcerer or sorceress is a fictional or mythical person who uses magic.
– Wizards are often depicted as having a special connection to supernatural beings, such as gods or fairies.
– Merlin from the Arthurian legends is one of the most well-known wizard characters.
– Wizards have been portrayed as both evil and good.
– Dumbledore (from the Harry Potter series) and Gandalf (from Tolkien’s Middle Earth) are fictional examples of ‘good’ wizards.
– Voldemort (from the Harry Potter series) and Saruman (from Tolkien’s Middle Earth) are examples of ‘evil’ wizards.
– Wizards are often depicted as old men with long, flowing beards, and wearing a large-brimmed hat and a thick cloak.
– Witchcraft is not synonymous to black magic, it is the term that includes both white and black magic.
– Witchcraft is practiced by both women and men.
– No solid evidence was required to convict a person of witchcraft.
– The book Malleus Maleficarum became the go-to handbook for every witch-hunter on how to deal with a witch.
– Wicca is a new religious movement based on witchcraft.
– Unlike popular belief, Halloween is not the only time when all the witches come out.
– Unlike popular belief, witchcraft is not Satanism.
– The Catholic Church saw witchcraft as a threat to all of its followers.
– Witches probably didn’t wear pointy hats.
– Ancient Roman law saw a difference between good magic and bad magic.
– In Sweden, Easter is associated with witches. It was believed that witches would fly up chimneys on their brooms and party on mountaintops.
– The term’s etymology is ancient; “magic” derives from mageia (μαγεία).
– The first people to perform magic acts were Persian priests, called “magosh” in Persian and “magoi” in Greek.
– “Abracadabra” comes from an inscription that people used to wear inside their amulets during the Black Plague to protect them from the disease.
– The magician words “hocus pocus” are taken from the name of a sorcerer in the Norse mythology, called Ochus Bochus.
– There is a federation for wizards and magicians!