Privacy Policy

This document explains:
– what information we collect when you use our applications and
– how we use that information.

Information we collect
We only use Android advertising identifier and we do not collect or process any personal data and sensitive user information.

Android Advertising ID
Our application is using only Android advertising identifier and this ID is used only for advertising. The advertising identifier is not connected to personally-identifiable information and it is not associated with any persistent device identifier without explicit consent of the user.

Personal Data
We DO NOT collect, handle or transmit personal or sensitive user data (including personally indentifiable information, financial and payment information, authentication information, phonebook or contact data, microphone and camera sensor data, and sensitive device data).
Users are not providing any of personal or sensitive information by using our application. So, a user can safely use our app and be sure that by using this app she or he cannot be identified and her or his identity cannot be violated, nor can her or his personal, financial and payment information.

Anonymous information
Owner of this application is only processing anonymous information for statistical purposes (number of downloads).

Information that users might actively give to us
Users don’t t have to share personal data with us, but if users contact us of their own will, they will share their email addresses. We will use this information only for the purpose of answering their request. We will not store this information on our servers or transmit it. We do not process any user personal data.

This Privacy Policy was updated on 07.06.2019.