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Fun Facts:

– The world’s oldest restaurant is Botin Restaurant located in Madrid, Spain which was established in 1725.
– The world’s largest restaurant is Bamwabet Dimashq Restaurant in Syria with 6,014 available seats.
– Russia has the lowest number of people worldwide that eat in at restaurants.
– On Valentine’s Day Americans spend almost $8 Million in restaurants.
– Daily Americans eat more than 100 acres of pizza.
– In Japan there is no custom of tipping servers.
– The busiest day for most restaurants: Saturday.
– The slowest day for most restaurants: Monday.
– The French word ‘restaurant’ originally meant ‘restoring’ and was used for a fortifying broth.
– The World’s largest restaurant is in Syria.
– In 2008 a German court ruled that having a kebab thrown at you in a restaurant is not a “serious violation of human dignity and honor”.
– The sandwich is said to be invented by the Earl of Sandwich, a gambling addict who didn’t want to leave the table to eat.
– The World’s Oldest Restaurant is in Spain.
– The Average American Spends $2505 Eating Out.
– The World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs $5000.
– 17% of diners’ meals go uneaten in restaurants.
– Italian food is the most popular ethnic cuisine in the USA, followed by Mexican, then Chinese.
– The oldest American restaurant still in service today is Boston.
– The oldest tavern in America is White Horse Tavern in Newport, Rhode Island, opened in 1673.
– 14.7 million people work in the restaurant industry.
– One-third of Americans’ first job was in a restaurant.
– 10% of the nation’s workforce is employed in a restaurant.
– Hawaiian pizza was first served by a Greek man living in Canada.
– The grill marks on fast food burgers aren’t always from a real grill – they’re sometimes put on by the factory that they’re shipped from.
– McDonald’s reportedly sells 75 hamburgers a second. Because of Happy Meals, McDonald’s is the largest toy distributor in the world
– New Orleans is the most bar-dense city in America
– In Japan there is no custom of tipping servers.