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Fun Facts:

– Ancient Egyptians built rooms hidden deep beneath the main passages inside the pyramids.
– In 2006, a tunnel was discovered running from Tijuana, Mexico to Otay Mesa, California.
– The oldest subway tunnel in the world has had its only entrance welded shut, and it contains a 100+-year-old steam engine.
– Beneath the streets of LA is a complex network of pedestrian tunnels that stretch several blocks.
– Downtown Seattle actually sits on top of the original city from the 1800s.
– In the 70’s South Korea discovered 4 tunnels from North Korea, believed to be incursion routes capable of accommodating 30,000 men per hour.
– There are 30 kilometers of a tunnel underneath downtown Toronto, connecting shops, subway stations and restaurants.
– Tokyo is protected from floods by a massive underground system of tunnels and water tanks.
– There are hundreds of 1000-year-old underground tunnel systems in Bavaria, and nobody really knows who built them or what they’re for.
– Missoula, Montana has a whole “underground city” tunnel network that was used for bootlegging and prostitution rings that is still accessible today.
– There are hundreds of nuclear shelters in Switzerland; including a tunnel that can be sealed off at both ends to become an underground town that would hold 20,000 people.
– There are 30 foot wide abandoned tunnels behind Niagara Falls.
– Up to two million people in Beijing live underground.
– A vast network of tunnels lie beneath Liverpool in the UK – and the strange thing is that no-one knows why they were built.
– There are rumors of tunnels linking Buckingham Palace to various other parts of London.
– There are rumors of tunnels linking Buckingham Palace to various other parts of London.
– Beneath the streets of LA is a network of tunnels that was used for secret transportation of mobsters, murderers and more than a billion dollars in cash.
– In 1963, a man knocked down a wall of his home and what he had discovered was the ancient Derinkuyu underground city in Turkey.
– Lalibela, Ethiopia is home to 11 monolithic churches carved out of mountains and connected by tunnels.