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Fun Facts about Sherlock Holmes:
– Sherlock has been on film for over a century.
– Arthur Conan Doyle’s old teacher was an inspiration for Sherlock Holmes.
– Holmes didn’t always wear a deerstalker cap.
– Sherlock Holmes was originally going to be called Sherrinford.
– The second Sherlock Holmes novel was the result of a dinner party with Oscar Wilde.
– The only fictional character portrayed in more films than Sherlock Holmes is Dracula.
– Sherlock Holmes’ IQ is 190 according to John Radford.
– Sherlock used some detective techniques before real detectives did.
– Sherlock Holmes is quite rich in the original stories.
– The Speckled Band is the most popular Sherlock Holmes story ever.
– Sherlock Holmes’s parents are never mentioned in any of his stories.
– John Watson was nearly called Ormand Stacker.
– Sherlock never says ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’.
– Queen Victoria was a Sherlock fan.
– Conan Doyle tried to kill Sherlock Holmes because he was bored.