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Fun Facts about Snow Queen:

– The Snow Queen is an original fairy tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.
– Snow queen is one of Andersen’s longest and most highly acclaimed stories.
– An opera The Snow Queen was written in 1913 by Slovenian composer Lucijan Marija Škerjanc, but it was lost and never performed.
– The opera La Regina delle Nevi was written in 2010 by Italian composer Pierangelo Valtinoni and premiered at the Komische Oper Berlin on October 24, 2010.
– Andersen met opera singer Jenny Lind in 1840, and fell in love with her, but she was not interested in him romantically,so Andersen was inspired to model the icy-hearted Snow Queen on Lind.
– Its origin story is The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, and Walt Disney had ‘dreamed’ of adapting it since as early as 1937.
– Six hundred people worked for two and a half years to animate the characters of the ‘Frozen’
– Anna and Elsa weren’t sisters in an initial version of the movie. Anna was a peasant who journeyed to ask Ice Queen Elsa to freeze her broken heart.
– ‘Let It Go’ has been recorded in over 41 languages.
– 50 people worked on the technology for the scene where Elsa builds her ice palace.
– When Anna becomes completely frozen, you can see Elsa’s signature snowflake on her iris.
– Disney artists had to take a crash course in meteorology to learn about snow.
– Rapunzel may have 70 feet of magic glowing hair, but Elsa’s hair contains 420,000 single strands.
– The movie ‘Frozen’ was a massive commercial success, earning nearly $1.3 billion worldwide
– Disney first tried to adapt “The Snow Queen” in the early 1930s but could never get the story right.
– Elsa is the second animated Disney princess to become a Queen during a film and the first to receive her coronation on-screen.
– The characters Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven are actually another reference to Andersen (just say the four names quickly to see how).
– Trolls are one of the well-known trademarks of Scandinavian culture.
– Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled make a brief appearance at Elsa’s coronation
– Animators also created a snowflake generator program to build 2,000 different snowflake shapes that they could use for the film.
– The character of Kristoff was influenced by the Sami people (also known as Lapps), who are indigenous to northern Norway.
– To animate the character of Sven, the animators brought an actual reindeer into the studio.
– The sequence when Elsa walks out onto the balcony of her newly created ice palace is 218 frames long, it took 132 hours to complete.
– ‘Let it Go’ was written in a single day. One day is all it took to ruin parenthood in America.
– The original plan had Elsa actually being a villain.
– Frozen was translated and dubbed into 41 languages for international release.
– The majority of the Frozen film’s characters are not found in the Snow Queen
– Out of all the Disney princesses, Elsa is the only one that is not a teenager. She is 21 and Anna is 18.
– The color of Elsa’s ice castle changes with her emotions. Blue is happy, red is fear and yellow is anger.
– Anna’s catch phrase in the film, ”Wait, what?” is actually a phrase voice actress Kristen Bell uses a lot in real life.