The Three Little Pigs Hidden Objects Game – Free Demo for PC


Fun Facts about Three Little Pigs:

– The names of the three little pigs in the original story were: Browny, Whitey, and Blacky.
– Each piggy had their own character: one was a dirty lazy, second was clever but greedy and selfish, and the third was a nice little pig.
– In the original story the part of the Big Bad Wolf is taken by a canny Fox who was after the pigs.
– The original story has a fatal end.
– The Three Little Pigs is the only film with pig in its title to win an Oscar.
– There are about two billion pigs on earth.
– Pigs have almost no sweat glands which is why they wallow in mud to keep cool.
– More pork is eaten around the world than any other meat: 85billion tons are consumed annually which is a third more than beef or chicken.
– Until the 19th century, “pig” referred to piglets. Adult pigs were swine, hogs, sows or boars.
– Pigs have been taught to play video games, operating the joystick with their snouts.
– Baby pigs have 28 teeth which fall out and are replaced by a full set of 44 adult teeth.
– St Anthony is the patron saint of swineherds, pigs and skin diseases.
– Pigs are the 3rd smartest animal alongside dolphins and chimpanzees.
– Pigs are hypoallergenic.
– Pigs are smart and with a little food encouragement they can learn many tricks.
– Pigs are actually very clean animals, they will not go to the bathroom where they eat/sleep.
– Piglets will choose a teat and will always go back to the same one.
– Pigs gestation period is 3 month, 3 weeks, 3 days.
– Pigs can swim.
– Pigs are very social and enjoy the company of each other.
– The baby pigs’ mother sings to them when they are nursing through a series of soft, rhythmic grunting.
– Pigs have the ability to solve complex problems.
– Pigs can dream.
– Pigs have very good memories and don’t forget easily.
– Pigs understand and comprehend their own names.
– Pigs feel emotions and know the feelings of love, hate and forgiveness.
– Pigs learn from watching one another and also from watching us humans.
– Pigs have a keen sense of direction and can find their way home from a great distance.
– Pigs are a prey animal but they learn trust from humans.
– Pigs excel at video games that are difficult for a young child and sometimes they do better than the primates.
– Pigs have been tested and found to be smarter than an average 3-5 year-old child
– The best-known version of Three Little Pigs is a 1933 Silly Symphony cartoon.