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Fun Facts about Theatres:

– Theatre as we know it began in ancient Greece with a religious ceremony in which a chorus of men dressed in goat skins.
– Ancient Greek audiences stamped their feet rather than clapping their hands to applaud.
– The word ‘tragedy’ comes from a Greek expression meaning ‘goat song’.
– The word theatre comes from an ancient Greek word meaning a ‘place for seeing.’
– World Theatre Day has been held on March 27 every year since 1962.
– According to Aristotle, the plot is the most important feature of a dramatic performance.
– The oldest play still in existence is The Persians by Aeschylus, written in 472 BC.
– What should the theatre be? The theatre should be full. – Giuseppe Verdi.
– I love acting. It is so much more real than life. – Oscar Wilde.
– Women would not be allowed on the English stage until 1660.
– The original Shakespeare’s Globe was 750 feet away from the modern replica.
– The steepest balcony level seating in London is at the Apollo Theatre.
– The Soho Theatre used to be a Synagogue.
– In 1606, William Shakespeare had to play Lady Macbeth when Hal Berridge, the boy playing her, died suddenly.
– Saying ‘Break A Leg’ in the theatre didn’t start until the 1920s.
– There are 40 Broadway theaters, but only 4 are actually on Broadway.
– Just two years before the U.S. became its own country, the Continental Congress banned plays in America!
– At a time during the first century, the church actually opposed theatre. This even included religious plays!
– The first theatre in the U.S. was built in Virginia in 1716, 60 years before the Declaration of Independence!
– Often, the Queen would come to the Globe theater to watch Shakespeare’s works.
– Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running Broadway show.
– In ancient Rome, there were a number of famous actresses, including one of Emperor Nero’s concubines, Acte.
– 66% of Broadway audience are female.
– The Sydney Opera House takes for its illumination the energy quantity enough to lit a small Australian town.
– English theatre was banned by puritans from 1642-1660.
– New Jersey is home of the world’s first drive-in movie theater, built on June 6, 1933.
– The oldest and most haunted theatre in London is Theatre Royal Drury Lane.
– The first woman to appear in a Shakespeare play was in 1660, 44 years after Shakespeare’s death.
– In the 16th century England, actors traveled from town to town, looking for audiences to pay to watch them perform.
– Playhouses were not constructed in London until 1576.