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Fun Facts about Wizards:

– The word ‘wizard’ comes from the Middle English ‘wysard’, meaning ‘a wise man’.
– The Wizard Of Oz (1939) is the only film with ‘wizard’ in its title ever to win an Oscar.
– The Wizard Nebula NGC7380 is a star-forming region 8,000 light years from Earth.
– A wizard, magician, sorcerer or sorceress is a fictional or mythical person who uses magic.
– Wizards are often depicted as having a special connection to supernatural beings, such as gods or fairies.
– Merlin from the Arthurian legends is one of the most well-known wizard characters.
– Wizards have been portrayed as both evil and good.
– Dumbledore (from the Harry Potter series) and Gandalf (from Tolkien’s Middle Earth) are fictional examples of ‘good’ wizards.
– Voldemort (from the Harry Potter series) and Saruman ((from Tolkien’s Middle Earth) are fictional examples of ‘evil’ wizards.
– Wizards are often depicted as old men with long, flowing beards, and wearing a large-brimmed hat and a thick cloak.
– Witchcraft is not synonymous to black magic, it is the term that includes both white and black magic.
– Witchcraft is practiced by both women and men.
– No solid evidence was required to convict a person of witchcraft.
– The book Malleus Maleficarum became the go-to handbook for every witch-hunter on how to deal with a witch.
– Wicca is a new religious movement based on witchcraft.
– Unlike popular belief, Halloween is not the only time when all the witches come out.
– Unlike popular belief, witchcraft is not Satanism.
– The Catholic Church saw witchcraft as a threat to all of its followers.
– Witches probably didn’t wear pointy hats.
– Ancient Roman law saw a difference between good magic and bad magic.
– In Sweden, Easter is associated with witches. It was believed that witches would fly up chimneys on their brooms and party on mountaintops.
– Witches are worshiped. Among the most famous witch goddesses are Hecate, Diana, Lilith, and Freya.
– Witches have historically been associated with dancing. The waltz derives from dances enjoyed at secret witches’ balls during the 16th century.
– Witches perform many roles. Rather than being dangerous, they tend to be of service to others.